The Basic School

About our school

Our school is one of the thirteen public Primary school in Kladno, which is a town with seventy thousand inhabitants, located 25 km north-westwards our capital city Prague in Central Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

Our school was founded in 1912 and its name is  Základní škola a Mateřská škola Kladno, Zd. Petříka 1756. However, it is known as „ Old Amálka “. The school campus consists of two parts, historical buildings,  located close to each other. The school is in the centre of Kladno.  It has two divisions: Lower  ( grades 1 – 5 ) and  Upper  ( Grades 6-9 ). The average number of pupils in a class is 28.

With our great leadership  we have started to change the profile of our school to one of the best public school  in Kladno.

We have extended our  teaching programme above the common frame by addition of more Information  Technology  and English Language  Teaching  in the new  Language Laboratory established in 2012. We  have  available  a range of equipment  such as two  renewed  gymnasiums, IT lecture room with 31  well-equipped PCs, projectors and overheadprojectors,  interactive white boards, English and German Language  Classrooms, special classrooms for Science, Arts and Music and even a Kitchen Classroom.

Our school also started to offer  school snacks additionally to hot lunches in its school canteen.  We also participate  in „Milk and Fruit to Schools„ EU and state programmes.

Besides, we organize  a swimming training, ski course, short trips ( e.g. London, Paris, Berlin, Dresden, Wienna )and special English course. The range of free time activities increases every year. Not only, our  afternoon Daycare School ( for younger pupils ) works well but also our clubs of Drama, Pottery, Dodgeball, Physics, School Magazine, Spanish, English and German.

As the finantial  support of the state has become weaker we manage to obtain additional financial source via international projects and projects  supported by Ministry of Education. We are the first school in the Czech Republic that obtained  a subventian from the "EU Money to School" European  project.