Address: R. Svobodové 2597,  272 01 Kladno

Manager of kindergarten: Ivana Zemanová

Telephone: 312 247 589


Working hours:  06.30 – 16.30 h

About our kindergarten

Our school was established  as first preschool  institute in Kladno. From 2003 the basic school  and pre-school became one juridical subject .

Our building is located in the villa part called „ Habešovna“  in the centre of the town. There is a big garden with a lof of  trees, amenity bushes and favourite children attractions around.

Philosophy of our pre-school  is:  children should be happy, comfortable and feel self-confident.

Our pre-school consists of 11 classrooms. Two of them are for  children with any kind of health problem. There is  lower number of children in these 2 classrooms.

All teachers are fully qualified and they all  work  according to the special plan.

There are organized many activities for children, for example – theatre performance in the school, fancy-dress balls, trips, music lessons, swimming course  and English course.

All our staff do the best to make children feel happy and comfortable.